About the Blog

This blog was finally created for the purpose of having all my crazy thoughts and ideas, photographs, art, and poetry dumped onto the internet in one simple spot.

There will be life experiences, stories, happenings, ideas, random outbursts, pictures, humor, sadness, intelligence, stupidity, sense, and non-sense.

I'm not expecting to gain a whole ton of readers, (if I did though, that'd be sweet!) I'm just hoping people will stop by and see what I do.

Even though I said there would be a number of things that will go on this blog and such, I want to stress the photography aspect of it. My dream is to be a professional photographer someday. Most of the photos I post up here will be my own that I have shot and retouched (and don't you even think about stealing them! I will be checking websites and google searching for my photos every day, maybe even multiple times. So. Beware). I may put up other pictures from the internet that will be connected to a blog post in some way (or, it may just be a totally random deal, like aforementioned). I'm sure you'll figure out the difference though.
If you're one of those people who is sick of coming across blogs that are only for photos and artistic business, please do not fret! I will not just post a beautiful artsy-fartsy photo every day. I assure you, there will be writing, or "blogging" quite often as well. If you are one of those people who do just have a photo or artistic business blog, then you will also have something to look forward to on my site. Yay, everyone is happy! (or not, you decide).

I hope to show people what I am capable of and what I like to think about.

Get to know me. As much or as little as you'd like.

Thanks for stopping by.