About the Blogger

My name is Jera Dobroth.
Some of you know me, some of you have heard of me, some of you may wish you knew me, and some of you could probably care less (although, I hope not).

Born in Iowa City, however, I did not grow up there. Lived in Tuscon, Arizona and attended preschool through 5th in Austin, TX. I came to colorful Colorado at the age of 11, and haven't left since.

I like a wide variety of objects, ideas, and activities.

I am an artist.
     I am a photographer
     I am a dancer
     I am a fashionista
     I am a designer
     I am a stylist
     I am a musician in my own way
     And I am trying to be a writer.
I am someone with a mind of her own.

I have a lot of relationships. They're quite often love-hate. Except for the one that matters the most. I live with the man I love.
I love my mom and dad.
And I love Maggie (my boyfriend's cat).
I will also love you if you visit my blog.