September 06, 2010

Photo Series #4

Architecture + Portraits

This week while I was going through the rest of my photographs from the little Denver trip a few weeks ago, I noticed that a lot of them had very interesting architectural angles, lines, curves, symmetry, and whatnots that were in the background of, or surrounding, the person I was photographing, making the photos much more engaging. So, the ones I chose were the ones I felt had the most architectural feel to them, along with being good shots of the subject as well.

The list is kind of a big one this time (10 photos!), so just bear with me.











Whew! There it is. Let me know what you think!!

Until next time,



  1. Number 8 ! Number 8 is sick as, Depth of field really gets my heart pumping!


    p.s Was it ELO that you and your friends saw? Cos I just heard on the radio a guy from that band died in a freak accident involving a hay bale! WOAH.

  2. They're all fabulous, but I think my favorites are #2 (LOVE that phonebooth! So cool!) & #3 (The combination of light and shadow has a really nice effect.) :)

  3. i adore the last photo for interestingness.

  4. I agree w/ #8... i bet if u crop the top of it the subject will look like he's in that wall...

  5. 2, 4, and 9. They are all gorgeous. I'm going to make you take pictures at my wedding (don't worry. It won't be for a while.).

  6. Lovely! I have to jump on the #8 train as well...

  7. i really like #9, the stairs lead the eye right to the subject. Also #8, there's a great perspective there.

  8. I like number 7 the best baby. But all these pictures are awesome. The one on the stairs is cool.

    These photos empower your subject in a way. They humanize him to a great extent. They reflect power.

  9. Number 9 and number 10 do it for me, although they are all great! :)

  10. do you practice the art of building? check me out friend.


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