August 15, 2010

Cold Feet, Cats, (U2), and Strawberries

Yes. Now, you may be asking yourself (and by self, I mean me) "What the hell do cold feet, cats, (apparently U2), and strawberries all have in common?" Or, "How are you going to relate all those things together, crazy lady?"

Well...I'm not.

I'm just going to talk about them individually. But, the one thing they do all have in common is that they all popped into my mind from the time I went to bed last night (which was at a very late hour...more about that further in the blog tho) to the moment I made my breakfast this morning (which was really around 1 in the afternoon because that's approximately when I got up).

Cold Feet
So, first off, cold feet.
Now, I'm not talking about the figure of speech "cold feet" like nervousness or anything like that. No, I mean literally ice-cold-mother-fucking-feet. That's right.

For some odd reason, my feet get really cold, really easily. I've heard before that when people get cold extremities, it's because of poor circulation, which pretty much makes sense to me... But then one would think that one's hands and feet would be cold, which is not the case with one (me). In the winter time (ahh, Christmas, I can hear "Silver Bells" in my head right now) my nose will always be the coldest part of my body for some reason. Now, I can't imagine that the nose gets very great circulation as it is, but who am I to say? I'm no doctor, that's for sure.

Anyway, I was going to bed last night at like 2:30am (I told you it would be mentioned further in the blog) and I had the absolute hardest time falling asleep. Number one reason: I couldn't shut my mind off (don't you just hate that?). Number two reason: my feet were freezing.

Visual Aid, fig.1:
A result of poor circulation? And look at those nicely painted toenails!

I didn't exactly know how to remedy this. I never wear socks to sleep in because I always end up waking up in the middle of the night in a hot sweat, about to suffocate from the very heat densely radiating off my feet when I have worn them in the past. So I knew that was right out. In fact, it didn't even cross my mind last night (odd, since I was literally thinking of approximately 354 other things at once).

I had no more realistic options. I tried bending my legs so I could rest my feet against my thighs so the body heat would spread, but that just made me highly uncomfortable and gave me a Number 3 reason to not be able to fall asleep. Then I thought, "maybe if I stuff a pillow down there?" But that just produced more heat than socks would and caused an awful lump at the end of the bed, making it difficult to move the covers around (I'm pretty picky about comfort when I go to sleep. Actually, I'm pretty picky about a lot of things). I guess it didn't prevent me from falling asleep too drastically though, because I must have been asleep before I knew it.

Now, on to cats. I just would like to mention that I love cats, first and foremost. I have always lived with cats since I was born. They are adorable, affectionate (usually depends on if you beat them or not..."not" causing them to be more affectionate) playful, loving, small, independent, non-smelly, and only needy some of the time (unlike dogs--always needy). Now don't get me wrong, I do love dogs too, but that's not in the blog topic of the day.

Ok, now that I've expressed my love for all kitties out there, I want to bring special attention to the particular one I'm living with these days. Her name is Maggie.

Visual Aid, fig. 2:
Isn't she just so sweet? She made a bed of freshly washed towels all for herself.

She doesn't like anyone except me and Charles (she's actually Charles' cat, but that's only a minor detail, really). Every night now, she follows me into the bedroom and jumps on the bed knowing that she will receive some good petting and ear scratching. She will also stand on me and give me awesome little massages by pawing me. Charles coins this term "making muffins", but frankly, I still don't quite understand how he came up with that. Speaking of muffins, my mom makes the BEST muffins. I haven't had any in a fairly long time... :-(

Random tangent. Back to Maggie MaGee (that's what I typically call her, she loves it by the way). She also plays this intelligent little game with us where she will bring us each (or sometimes just one of us) one of her favorite kitty toys during the night when we're sleeping, like gifts (outdoor cats usually bring live gifts, such as broken birds and mice). Then when we wake up in the morning, we see them, and I throw them back out into the living room so she can bring them back again that night. Ah-door-ah-bowl. (A door? A bowl?).

Visual Aid, fig. 3:
There are countless other toys that she could care less about.

She really is the best cat in the world, and she has gotten very accustomed to sleeping with me lately, which I think is nice. She's just the sweetest little. It really makes me think of this every time I see her now:

Sweetest Thing
Download "Sweetest Thing" at
(There's the U2 for ya).

Ok. Last item on the list here...Strawberries. I love strawberries, I think they are in the top 3 of my favorite fruits next to watermelon and raspberries (I guess I like red).

Anyway, I just recently got some strawberries and couldn't wait to eat them with my breakfast this morning (again, that was technically at 1 in the afternoon...minor detail). Well, shitty situation. I had to pull them out of my fridge a couple days ago because the crazy stupid thing froze them (relation to cold feet? eh?). I was pretty irate because I couldn't even cut them up. What kind of fridge does that? So I left them out on the counter to de-thaw.

What do I find when I open the container this morning (afternoon)? Moldy-eaten strawberries!


It's is the sad truth.

Please, somebody tell me how do I properly keep strawberries fresh long enough to eat them? I can't stand throwing away food I could've eaten in perfect condition days ago.

And that's all folks.

Tell me what you think of my (boyfriend's) kitty, what your discomforts are when trying to fall asleep at night, and how to keep fresh fruit fresh.

Thanks for reading. Peace.


  1. Your boyfriend's kitty loks like a vicious killer. Like Scar from the Lion King.

    My discomforts when falling asleep: being to freakin' HOT, and only being allowed to use 1/8 of the bed and covers.

    Fresh fruit: I don't know... Just eat them faster? Is there not a temperature dial on our fridge somewhere? I'm oblivious.

    Love you baby. You are the sweetest thing. You made me laugh and smile.

  2. 1. Ugg boots before bed to prewarm feet or a hot water bottle (can be easily kicked out when cold and horrible)
    2. Your kitty is lovely and why is it they seem to love the human males and it is the females who do all the cleaning and feeding?
    Our cat leaves her toy shark all over the house for us to find.
    3. MMM Strawberries, definately a problem. I suggest buying, rinsing and eating right out of the punnet is the best way. Other than that, perhaps lower in the fridge. They dont usually last more than a few days when they are ripe.
    Goodness almost a blog in just my comments, sorry lol :)

  3. After years of argument and many disappointments such as the one described above, I think the best way is not to refrigerate ( after all they don't keep them could in the grocery store) until just a enough time to chill them before eating. They must be cold for my discriminating palette. That and it irritates me when I don't eat them before they get all moldy.
    Nice blog & I love your photography. Wish I had your eye for it.

  4. Bedtime discomforts: My arms have a tendency to get in the way sometimes. No matter which way I roll, I can never get comfortable. It drives me nuts! I also have a hard time shutting my brain down from time to time. I usually read to calm down a bit. It works, most of the time.

    Cats: Your cat sounds like a nice, clean, loveable creature. I'm definitely more partial to indoor rather than outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are evil, I'm pretty darn sure about this one.

    Strawberries: YUMMY! If you have some that you need to get rid of, make some waffles or an Angel Food cake and invite some friends over for a fabulous treat. Or maybe you could learn to make jam... :)

  5. I have the cold feet thing going on too. Sometimes I wear socks right up until I climb into bed so my feet are nice and toasty. I'm sure your man could find a way or two to warm you up! ...Gorgeous kitty. Tell Charles it is called 'kneading biscuits'... As for the strawberries I wash and cut the tops off of them before storing them in the fridge covered up. They usually last about two days.

  6. Jera! The Canadian runs at about 45 degrees (celsius). He's my personal feet warmer. It's really convenient having your own personal foot warmer. Mold on strawberries you were completely looking forward to eating is simply Thee. Worst. Thing. Ever.
    It's just such a let down... But if you are listening to happy music like Sweetest Thing not much can ruin a day.

  7. My sister suffers from extremely cold feet. She uses her husband's warm inner thigh to shock them into warmth. I don't know if he appreciates it or not.

    That's a sweet cat and U2 is ah-mazing.

    Did you store your strawberries on the top shelf? My kid is a strawberry hound, and the freezing happens when we store them on top. Do you have one of those crisper boxes in the fridge? We keep our strawberries in the box in the bottom of the fridge, and they stay fresh longer. Cheers and good luck with your berries and feet!

  8. First off, cold feet... I'm sure Charles has something for that.
    Maggie is adorable. I think it's kneading biscuits, not making muffins, though.
    And something about Costco makes strawberries last a ridiculously long time.

  9. Charles: Maybe you'd get more of "1/8" of the bed if you weren't so afraid of cuddling.
    Also, a temperature dial on the fridge is not the only thing you're oblivious to...

    Mynx: 1. I don't have Uggs. To be honest, I think they are quite ugly to be priced so high (at least over here in the States)...but the hot water bottle sounds like something I should try for sure! 2. And so true! Ironically last night, she didn't bring me ANY toys and I was the only one who really paid attention to her all day yesterday (she's a she can be catty...ha, no pun intended). 3. I didn't try the bottom shelf, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the comment :-)

    Waldoni: (You came to my blog, yay!) I agree, cold strawberries are way better according to my discriminating palette as well. I tried the non-refrigerating to the refrigerating before, but I think my timing is just way off.

    Candice: 1. My arms seem to get in the way a lot too! How interesting...And reading...what's that? Haha.. 2. In my experience, outdoor cats are not exactly evil, but there is certainly a special quality to the indoor type that is just irreplaceable. 3. That is an excellent idea, although I don't really cook (very sad, I know). But maybe I could bring them to my mom...?

    The Ranter's Box: Yeah, the problem with this particular night though was that Charles wasn't even in bed yet, but still out in the living room reading...I seem to always fall asleep easier when he's laying there with me. And "kneading biscuits" makes much more sense to me than "making muffins", although he doesn't seem to think so. And, I just wish strawberries lasted longer.

    Corianda: I'm sorry, I don't know celsius, something about the society I was brought up in...but I'm guessing it's nice and toasty warm? And see The Ranter's Box reply above to know why I didn't have my own personal one that night. I'm glad there's another U2 fan in the audience here :-)

    Elizabeth: Hahaha, that usually works for me too, but again, see above two comment replies for details. Yay, another U2 fan in the audience! Warms my heart, I tell ya. And yes, I believe they were stored on the upper shelf at first. And no, I haven't tried the crisper box, but I totally should!

    Sucker: *sigh* Once again, see above comment replies about Charles being a big help (or not). Kneading biscuits, definitely sounds more like it. And I'm not sure if I've ever been to CostCo, especially for fruit...

    Thank you everyone who submitted a comment! And those of you who didn't, but still snuck a peek at my post.


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