August 17, 2010

I suggest you get LOST.

I'm not kidding here, get LOST.

You know that TV show that was really popular some years ago? It was about these people who crash land onto a freakish tropical island, and they...are...lost (hence the title of the program).

Let me just start at the beginning here. At the beginning of the summer, I was trying to convince Charles to watch some Friends episodes with me (my favorite sit-com TV show ever) knowing that he would really really enjoy it (which he did). He said he would only watch the seasons with me (I am in possession of all 10 of them) as long as I would watch a show of his choosing once we were done with our Friends (we also enjoyed cracking awesome little jokes about it the whole time, such as "We have to see our Friends tonight" and "I can't wait to see what our Friends will do this time" and many other hilarious puns).

These are our Friends. From top to bottom, left to right, we have:
Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel.
We love them.

Well, we powered through all 10 seasons in the matter of approximately three months (that's a lot of TV, folks), so now a couple weeks ago, it was Charles' turn to finally decide which program to see next. It was a tough decision for him between Seinfeld, the Sopranos, and Lost. (By the way, he absolutely loved Friends, he was just a little wary of admitting it sshhh). I told him I could really care less which one he picked, because I figured they would all be pretty good, and it was rightfully his decision since I made him (well, I didn't force him, because like I said, he got into it pretty quick) watch all 10 seasons (again, lots of TV).

And now we're back to the very tip top of this post. He ended up choosing Lost (another one we can crack silly jokes and puns about, such as my title of this blog post).

And the winner is........

Seinfeld and the Sopranos were a little upset about losing this competition. Sorry guys, maybe in the next run.

Sorry Jerry, but you can't buy your way through this.
As intimidating as you guys look, you're just wasting your time.

Anyway....I'm frikkin hooked on this Lost thing, I tell ya. Which I'm not sure is a bad thing or not seeing as how we're both going to be starting school again next week (yikes!). But I'm sure we'll make the time for it. It's just so hard to watch only one (hour-long) episode a night! They all end in a crazy nail-biting cliff hanger. It's a bizarre, frightening, suspenseful, meaningful, well-filmed, and well-put-together television show with the occasional good joke or two thrown in there (which does not make it cheesy at all. Really). My non-American readers, you'll enjoy it too, I promise (I'm really oblivious to how much other countries know about American television programs, so if you have heard of it, please take no offense, and if you have not heard of it, I sincerely hope you were paying attention to the rest of this post).

I'm telling you all, if you haven't ever seen it, do. I wouldn't write an entire blog post about it, if it wasn't worth mentioning (and no, I did not get paid by the producers for promoting or advertising it to the public...unfortunately).

So go on, head on out to your local Best Buy (or Wal-Mart, whichever satisfies your wallet more) and GET LOST.

I'm about to right now. That's partially why this post is significantly shorter than usual.

I should have some more exciting stories later in the week (and more pictures! yay!).

Thanks for reading.



  1. Not only heard of Lost but actually watched most of the series from the start. They (the Tv Station) put it on at some crazy times in some of the later seasons so I missed a bit but made sure I tuned in for the finale. Teenager has just discovered it and I'm like "told you so" lol. Enjoy :)

  2. LOST so lost me... Didn't they have killer polar bears saving cheerleaders in a wormhole or some such at some point???

  3. I loved LOST even when it got all convoluted there somewhere in the middle. The character development was compelling and eventually I got to a point where I cared what happened to the cast members. It will be interesting to learn what you and Charles think about the ending.
    Enjoy! - The Empress

  4. I've always been as afraid of admitting any interest in Lost as Charles apparently was in getting involved with Friends, so I've never watched it. I might eventually check it out, but now that I know how the show ended it might ruin the experience for me.

  5. My husband and I rented Lost Season One when I was pregnant. We literally ran out after watching disc one to bang on the video store doors as they were closing and beg for the next disc. When we were done, I was drooling for more. Then I gave birth. That was four years ago. Now that I could watch them back to back, maybe I'll get them all again...but who will feed my kid while I glaze over and get Lost?! Maybe I'll get a nanny for a few weeks!

  6. Well as much as I like Friends, I don't think I am as gaga over Lost. I tried, really I tried, but instead of getting "lost" in the OMG I WANNA WATCH MORE, sense, I got the "what??? I don't get this" kinda lost. I'm glad you and Charles are doing something like that. Me and my boyfriend should do that when we aren't in school. (18 credits for me! I know I'm insane).

    The Adorkable Ditz

  7. Not offended. But yeah we have LOST, Gossip Girl, Seinfeld, Glee, Cougar Town, etc etc. I never really watched the series, but if i do have the time, then i'll take your word for it.

    Ah college, gives me a feeling of nostalgia. Go make some uni memories. Awesome awesome. Some of the best years of my life :)

  8. Lost was one of those shows where I saw the ad spots for it and thought: "Lame!" Then we tuned in for a few minutes of the pilot episode and it was all over! We were hooked and happy to be so. We're kind of sad that it's over now, but I think it ended in a good place.

    Another show that I nearly wrote off, but ended up getting hooked on was "Pushing Daisies." It was just so completely different and so much fun to watch I nearly had a fit when they cancelled it. (I totally blame the writer's strike!) But it's SOOO worth watching. I love it!

  9. I am really glad you are into "Lost" baby. But don't make up stuff about me watching "Friends". You know damn well that I would never debase myself by watching that network television clap-trap. *wink wink*

  10. We have got 'Lost' friend is completely in love with it and did try and get me into it.

    I just thought that it looked WAHAY too complicated for me to watch and I knew that I would blatantly miss loadsa episodes.

    But I have heard that it is a very good series...I just don't think I have the effort to watch it haha!

  11. Jera-

    I completely agree. LOST is amazing. I decided to start watching it a few weeks after the final season began airing. I blew threw 5 seasons in 6 weeks (I obviously had a serious addiction). I cannot wait for Season 6 to come out on Tuesday. I did DVR all of the episodes from it so I have seen the bittersweet end (mmmmm!). But I fully intend to rewatch each and every amazing episode. It is so so so so easy to get "lost" if you go too long between episodes. Enjoy!

  12. I LOVE Lost. To warn you, things get CRAZY.
    My suggestion for your next series: Arrested Development!


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