August 21, 2010

I'll Give You a Hint...

Ok, so I'm back as I promised (even if it's a little late).

I want to thank everyone for the awesome encouragement and comments. It really means a lot :-D

I actually went downtown today to visit a dear friend who is a professional photographer and with whom I interned for a little bit (she's that one in the photo who's spinning with the pretty red dress on, which you can check out here). I asked her some questions about getting into the photography field and whatnot, and I feel much better and sure about some things now. Things are looking up already! Woot...!

So. The project. I know only two of you commented about it on my previous post (which is totally fine). Maybe the first hint was just way too vague and not much of a hint to most of you anyway. That is why I will give another hint that may be a little more obvious today (night).

And here we go, hint #2:

Try finding this in a haystack...

And there you have it. Guess away!

And now I will give you another poem because I feel that it would help tie these two recent posts together some...It's a little longer this time though.

Dear Inner Child,
I have missed you.
You brought me a present today.
So much of the forgotten joys and memories, forgotten feelings.
Remind me of the little things, like when floors turned into ceilings.
You came back for a reason.
You came to teach me a lesson I had never needed to learn before.
A lesson that was never once required,
because it already existed.
And I never tried to resist it,
but it existed so long ago.
Something brought it back.
YOU brought it back.
Unearthed from all the
It broke.
Broken by the joy, light, carefree, softness.
You took my hand.
I took my hand
and raised it high.
Reaching for the warmth, the glow.
You put the feeling back in my wings.
My wings put the feeling back in me.
I took flight.
You guided me as we traveled back,
Back until our two worlds slammed into one.
Body. This body. Only body, now. No body.
Mind. This mind. My mind. Nobody minds.
Soul. This soul. Through my body. From my mind to my soles.
Self. This self. Your self. My self. Selfless.
Oh, dear Inner Child,
You are a savior. My savior.
You have beckoned me when I was too deaf to your whispers,
you were too daft to not whisper.
But I will now be the one to beckon you,
dear Child.
I had fun today.

This I did not just write on the spur of the moment. I wrote it a couple of months ago in my Dance Improv class as a free-write. We never had to share them, it was just a little class time thingy I guess.

Alright, that's all I have for tonight, friends!

Tomorrow there will brand new photographs! Tune in :-)


Pee.Ess. Has anyone else noticed weird things with the "preview" not looking exactly like it should when you're about to post a new post? It always seems to screw something up for me...Just sayin'.


  1. Nevermind the preview issue.. Apparently it just fucked up my whole spacing at the end the there... Don't let it get to you though.

  2. Dude, I'm honored to be the first commentator today! I'm also super happy to hear about your growing artistic interests... stay curious and get after everything there is to be gotten after. I suspect that if you never abandon that simple goal, you'll love yourself for it. You're quite talented. About the mystery project- way too easy! I had that shit figured out after reading the previous post, but I don't want to give the answer away to everyone. Call me if you want to know what I think you're sewi - I mean - doing. And about the poetry- fuckin' A, keep that up, too.

  3. You are so creative. Photography, poetry and now sewing something I am sure will be amazing.

  4. I noticed the hints yesterday, but was in la-la land... funny when someone upsets me everything seems to go over my head...and this poem is what I felt a few times and the feeling is amazing!.

  5. Seth: Dude. Haha, yay! It's tough sometimes, I know. Thanks! Mystery project...Alright mister science nerd guy...haha. And I'm glad you liked my poem :-)

    Mynx: Thank you :-) And sewing is hard!

    Kalei's Best Friend: Haha, that's ok, I appreciated what you ended up saying instead. Thanks :-)

  6. That poem is really great! You are not only a awesome photographer but a great poet too! Good luck with the whole sewing thing.


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