August 14, 2010

Photo de la Semaine avec Photo Series #1

Ok, so as I've said, my boyfriend (Charles Emerson III) has a special little section of his blog, In Review: Stuff and Things, that is titled Photo de la Semaine ("photo of the week" in French) where he puts up one of my photographs on roughly the same day every week.

So, now that I have a whole blog of my very own, I've decided that every time I put up a photo on Photo de la Semaine on his blog, I will post the same picture on my blog along with a few others from the same shoot, making it a "mini-series". I find that it is so difficult trying to choose just one photo to put up every week, because there are usually several that I personally find pretty damn good (whether others do or not). So, this gives me a way to put up more of my photos at once (yay, promotion!) and in such a way in which I am not forced to make such an arduous decision.

Sometimes there may be 6 or so pictures, and sometimes there may be only 3 or so. The fact is, it will be a series if there is more than one or two photos up in the same post. And frankly, 6 photos every week is quite a lot for a photographer like myself who doesn't exactly have a ton of "clients", since I don't exactly have a real "business". But someday I am hoping that will change. Drastically. And I will have millions, perhaps even billions, of photographs that I have taken. This is just where everybody has to start, no?

Anyway, enough said, I suppose.
Here I give you my first Photo Series, or Série de Photo (yeah, I like French. What of it?).







Please comment, praise, criticize, pick out your favorite, tell me if this works, etc. 
Artists always love and want feedback.


  1. I vote number 4 as the best, but I like them all. ;-)

  2. This will probably result in me having to revoke one of my man cards, but these pictures kind of make me think of the RENT character Mimi, especially #3 and #6.

    And I agree with Charles: They're all good, but #4 is the best of the bunch.

  3. I must say that I enjoy #'s 1 & 3 best.

  4. Second to the last really draws my eye. Probably the contrast between the red in the forefront and the lack of color in the background.

    For whatever reason, it is my favorite.

  5. Bonjour and welcome to the blog world Jera! Your photos are lovely! I really like #1.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  6. Yours photos are gorgeous. Cant wait to see more.
    Oh and i love #6

  7. Yay! Jera! Mon Ami! So glad you've branched out on your own, Emerson was definitely cramping your style over at In Review :)
    I love your pictures so much. I'm a (completely) amateur photographer but I enjoy it so much. I'm a little obsessed with analogue at the moment, think I've told you before. Check this out:

    Can't wait to see heaps more pics from you!

  8. Tres cool! Number 3 is my absolute fave (though I love them all) because I love the color and the position of the dancer makes my stomach clench. Like, I'm afraid she's going to fall, but she looks so confident and happy. I also love the satiny look of her shoes and the soft colors of her clothing against the darker, dull, harsh tones of the fire escape and brick building. Very nice! Love your pics!

  9. the second one catches my eye.. i love it when u can get a mono look w/out editing...the others have great perspective.. i like how u used the lines of the stair rails as a frame!.:-)

  10. Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback!

    It looks like each picture is marked as somebody's favorite. Yay! So far, if it had been a contest (which maybe I will hold sometime in the near future) it seems that number 4 is the winner with 1 and 3 close behind. Haha, it's not a huge win though since there are 6 photos and 9 comments. But still. I would like to thank each of you individually:

    Charles: Thanks, darling, this wouldn't have happened without you.

    Justin: Thank you! And yeah, it does kind of have that Broadway musical feel...although sadly, I have never seen Rent.

    Ladybug: Thanks! Those two have the same kind of look to them :-) so now I know your taste.

    Doug Stephens: Thank you. Yeah, I've kind of been into doing that lately with some of my photos. I think it really helps the figure pop.

    The Ranters Box: Why, bonjour et enchanté, madame. Merci beaucoup :-) I am excited to show you more of my work.

    Mynx: Thank you :-) I was never as sure about number 6, so I'm glad you liked it!

    Corianda: Yay! Mon amie! Analogue is indeed awesome. And no worries about being an "amateur", you don't need fancy schooling or natural talent to do something you love. And the more you do it, the more "pro" you'll become :-)
    And yes, I still have yet to look that up. Maybe I'll do that and write a blog post on it!

    Elizabethreinhardt: Thank you so much :-) I'm really glad that picture moved you in such a way. You (well, along with everyone else too) are helping me achieve my goals.

    Kalei's Best Friend: Thanks! Although, I did edit it slightly...just the colors and contrast. I'm so glad you like it though :-)

    Ok, I feel better. Wow, I sure used a lot of smiley faces. If your thank you comment did not have one in it, and you really want one, you can copy and paste this one here :-) and email it yourself or post in another comment.
    Thanks again!

  11. I would have to throw in my two cents and say that 1 & 6 are my personal favorites. I'm glad you've decided to share more of your photography with the world. You really are very talented. I look forward to seeing future posts from you. :)

  12. I enjoy your photography. There is a lot of feeling and meaning in your photos. Do you do film? It seems like every time I talk with a photographer they do film. Anyways, just wanted to say I liked them all, probably the girl doing a pirouette (I think that's what it's called). I used to be in Yearbook as a photographer (Yay Yerds!)


  13. Great Pictures!!


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